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Spring ideas...  bring a little outside, inside

Vintage flora... in a teacup

Recycle those odd vintage teacups (found at fleamarkets and charity shops) and plant them with bulbs like Hyacinths, Daffodils or Crocus. Now would be a great time to start thinking about planting.


To plant: 1, simply put a few small pebbles or pottery shards at the bottom of your cup (for drainage); 2, add potting soil; 3, plant bulb; 4; spread a thin layer of green moss on the top of the soil for a more finished look. Check your local nursery for planting and/or forcing instructions for the bulbs you'll buy.


To ensure good drainage, a hole can be drilled in the bottom, alternatively they can be left without but water carefully.

'Sewing' the seeds

Why not consider a quirky take on a desk.

Not wanting to 'sow' a seed in your mind but... how about this?


A Vintage Jones sewing machine base dating from between 1920's to 50's. This old sewing base has a cool elegant cast iron frame that sweeps up in an unusual pattern towards the top.  The top is made of rustic pine which has over time become worn and distressed which all adds to the delightful character. 


Try exercising your feet whilst writing with the fully working foot pedal that turns when pressed.


Want to buy it or see more? Click here

Colour trend for spring

After a dark and gloomy winter season it’s time for us to open up our homes to fresh new hues that liven and brighten up our interiors. A new trend for this spring that's sprouting up is using a mix of citrus hues to welcome in the season to come!


Spring is all about a new beginning, so why not be bold and try a fresh coat of mint green to a feature wall and combine with pale grey for the skirting, mouldings and doors in ivory. Accessorise furnishings with splashes of purple, fuschia, lemon yellow and lime which makes for a mouthwatering and refreshing combination.